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Peter Kardia

FROM FLOOR TO SKY is a major exhibition of British art to be held at P3 Gallery, in Central London, in Spring 2010. The exhibition is curated by the influential teacher Peter Kardia. The contributing artists were his one time students from both St Martin's School of Art and the Royal College of Art.

Jeff Koons at the Serpentine

RCA Society members went to the Serpentine Gallery's opening of Jeff Koon's first major exhibition in a public gallery in England.

An(other) Story

Folk and Tribal and Intuitive Art from India (Curated by Saleem Arif Quadri MBE and David Schischka Thomas)

Designing Design Research

The RCA Society again gave its support to the “More is More” series of symposia, organised by Alec Robertson, recently held at the Dana Centre, London. Members may recall a number of design complexity events organised by Alec - two were previously held at the College (2005 / 2006) and one at East London University (2007).


4th - 17th September 08 from 6 - 9pm

The Crypt - St Pancras Church

It's always amazing when you bump into people and discover they were students at the College - it's even more surprising when you also come across the work of RCA Society members and even nicer if they are around to talk with as well.

“Bladerunner” Day at the BFI - Ridley Scott

RCA Society goes to the movies…

“Bladerunner” Day at the BFI - Ridley Scott

To mark the 75th birthday of the BFI a poll of members - taken through the BFI’s “Visions of the future” project - elected Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner’ as the most iconic sci-fi film of all time.

A visit to Woodchurch - The Annual Air show

It's surprising how many RCA Society members live in Kent and nearby East Sussex. Equally surprising was the number of people who gathered together to go to the Annual Air show. Once again, our membership secretary, Doreen Wilcockson, who (conveniently) lives near Woodchurch, generously opened her house to us all for the day and directed us to the AirShow. The weather has a habit of being wonderful for these airshows - and this year was no exception. It was a perfect day to watch airplanes of all ages 'loop the loop' and do dare devillish tricks against a perfect sky for taking photos.


At the end of July 06, an RCA Society exhibition will be held in the intriguing domed base of Dungeness’s "Old Lighthouse"- Kent. The exhibition will be of "instant" photo works - images of the nuclear power station dominated area of Dungeness

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