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"CAN" - Ken's Waterloo

One of the last gestures of Ken Livingstone in his role as "Socialist Mayor of London" was to kick "hoody hugging" Boris's ass with a massive street cool exhibition of graffiti art devouring Waterloo's tunnels.

Posh art correspondents promoted this as ' the elite of the London art world convening in Lambeth to examine graffiti in a dank railway tunnel." ...hmm...

The illusive Banksy pulled together other grafters to transform the dank tunnels into a showcase of contemporary cave painting.

RCA Society + Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize 2008

Each year, during the annual Degree Shows, around thirty RCA Society members see all the degree shows and put forward nominations for the “RCA Society and Thames & Hudson Art book Prize”. This year the selectioncriteria was again for work that shows “exceptional skill and innovation in a particular discipline, as well as being critical and challenging across the area of art and design”.

RCA Society + Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize 2007

The RCA Society together with Thames & Hudson Art Book Publishers awards a prize with a total value of £3500 to 24 graduating students of the Royal College of Art. Each individual prize is £150 worth of books of a winners own choice from T&H publications. This year 24 individual prizes were, again, awarded – representing one prize for each discipline practised in the College. The criteria for selection is for ‘work that is innovative and challenges the boundaries of art and design”.

Artbook Prize Presentation 2006

During the Show 2 exhibition at the college on 29th June - a number of RCA Society members met up with winning graduates and presented them with their RCA Society + Thames & Hudson art book prize packs.
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