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From Floor to Sky

This significant exhibition, curated by Peter Kardia, of contemporary British sculpture opened 5 March 2010 at the P3 Galleries. "From Floor to Sky" brings together 28 artists, all graduates of the RCA and St Martins, whose radical and political approaches shifted the practice of sculpture away from the established forms or subject matters.

Boxed In Time - Time in a Box

Fun event planned for the beginning of summer • to participate please contact David Sherriff by email: ds@quickmap.com or Ismail Saray t: 020 7481 9053 e: ismail.saray@rcasociety.net.

Meeting up with the Prizewinners

One of the activities that has become central to the Society is the annual 'Artbook prize' run in collaboration with Thames & Hudson Publishers. The process of selecting the prize winners is a great opportunity for members to engage with the work of "new" graduates as well as introduce "old" graduates and the Society to a new generation of artists and designers.

RCA Society News No: 79

Download a pdf copy of our latest newsletter which includes stories on: BFI "Ridley Scott + Bladerunner" event, "Chris Frayling leaves the College to Dr Paul Thompson", "Boxed in Time" event, and Peter Kardia's "From Floor to Sky".

The winners for Show RCA•Two (2009)

RCA Society and Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize 2009

Members of the RCA Society from London and beyond came to Shows One and Two and the Fashion show to look at the work and nominate their selected winners. Following this a lively discussion took place where everyone put forward their point of view and defended their position.

The winners for Show RCA•One (2009)

RCA Society and Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize 2009

The College Degree shows are in full swing! ShowOne (“Fine / Applied Art”) have just finished - followed quickly, on their heels, by the Fashion Show.

ArtBook Prize Judges wanted

With the College's Degree Shows hovering on the horizon we are now planning the annual RCA Society and Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize - where up to 25 graduating students are selected to win a prize each of £150 worth of books from world famous Thames & Hudson Art Book Publishers. The RCA Society invites all our members to participate in putting forward nominations for this year's prize winners or do as as much as they can in the prize giving activities - organisation - selection process - presentation party - communications...

John Yeadon and .....
"Drawing with Dolphins" - Crimes Town
February 13th!!!

13/02/2009 6:09 pm

"Crimes Town"
110 Church Street
London N16 OJX

The gallery run by Gavin Toye and Ben Newton is on Yoakley Road, (just off) Stoke Newington Church St.

“Bladerunner” Day at the BFI - Ridley Scott

To mark the 75th birthday of the BFI a poll of members - taken through the BFI’s “Visions of the future” project - elected Ridley Scott’s “Blade Runner’ as the most iconic sci-fi film of all time.

Futurebuild + Ecobuild

Earls Court - London
3-5 March 2009

The Futurebuild exhibition, together with Ecobuild, is the biggest of its kind in the UK, with 800 optimistic exhibitors representing a huge breadth of innovative and sustainable construction products anywhere in the world. From building structures to SUDS, micro-renewables to natural materials, synthetic insulation to living roofs, air and water purifiers, wind turbines, solar systems, traditional crafts and happy families - you'll find it all at Futurebuild.

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