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RCA Society AGM 2011-2012 + new MC

This year's AGM took place on Sunday morning 18 September at AND 'EventSpace 1'. Members arrived for coffee at 11am. The well attended meeting got underway with the presentation of the Annual review and the annual accounts. Members discussed a number of issues that were highlighted in the review particularly the relationship between the Society and the Royal College of Art. It was again felt that the Society had an invaluable role to play in connecting fine art and design practitioners who had studied at the RCA along with all members of staff - whether professors or administration.

RCA Soc Excessive Optimism Show

As part of the continuing dialogue around art and design practice the RCA Society organised an event which brought together twenty different 'works of art' for presentation and discussion. The invitation stated that the works should be submitted with a "bullish" valuation and publicly presented by their "creator" or "representative". Through the individual presentations the work's true value would be revealed and subsequently accepted or rejected by the gathered audience of 'experts'.

Alison Wilding at The New Art Centre

Alison Wilding exhibition
New Art Centre East Winterslow, Salisbury
10 September - 6 November 2011

RCA Society members took a day trip to the New Art Centre in the Wiltshire countryside. Our main reason to visit the centre was to see an exhibition of works by Alison Wilding "How the Land Lies".

RCA Society Excessive Optimism Show

See who will be taking part and the works they are presenting.

an event of optimism and a show about money… aspire!
an RCA Society 1Day event show
2pm • Sunday
18th September • 2011 (1Day event)
Exhibition till 24th September
10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX
contact David Sherriff for everything;
M 07584576395

Members and friends are invited to participate.

RCA Soc Event 'Boxed in Time'

Sunday 20th June 2010 • from 2pm

RCA Soc AGM 2010

Sunday 20th June 2010 • from 10.30am
Each year the Society holds its Annual General Meeting. Annual General Meetings have quite a lot of 'business' to deal with - wrapping up the year's accounts, electing a new management committee and reviewing what the Society has done in previous years. Although these are serious issues, in continuing the spirit of the Society the AGM is never too formal. This year the AGM was held in an exciting new venue "AND EventSpace One" and merged into the 'Boxed in Time' event, so there was quite a lot of opportunity for members to socialise.

Till Dress Us Do Part - a make over pilot

'Plum Pictures' - in association with 'Hat Trick' - are looking for couples to take part in a new programme for Channel 4 in which a man will treat his wife or long-term partner to a whole new wardrobe.  It maybe that she feels completely lost when it comes to clothes, maybe she has low self-esteem, or finds it hard to get out of her comfort clothes. She might have quite a whacky/overly sexy dress sense or since having children hasn’t had any time to focus on herself and her clothes are utterly outdated.

Boxed in Time - an RCA Society event

Sunday 20th June 2010 • from 2pm

The Box: Conceptual, abstract, ultra real, poetic are just a few of the possible meanings to signify ‘Boxed in Time’... anything goes. Translate your thoughts into a ‘box’ - but it should be no bigger than a ‘chair seat’.

Welcome to RCA Society AGM 2010

RCA Society
Annual General Meeting
Sunday 20th June 2010
(11am for coffee) 11.30 am – 1pm
venue • AND “EventSpace 1”
10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX

You can download the AGM Report 09-2010 as an Acrobat pdf document

Agenda Items
1 Welcome by the Chair
2 Apologies
3 Approval of last years AGM minutes
4 Officers’ Reports
5 Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Nominations* and Elections
6 Election of Chair
7 Election of officers
8 Election of committee members
9 Resolutions and Any Other Business

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