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Stop the CUTS

In the wake of the current economic crisis the government’s response was to make massive cuts throughout public services, damaging health, welfare and education. It has prompted a massive political protest from students, trade unionists, and pensioners to professional bodies, community organisations and religious organisations. All forms of action have been developed from strikes, sit-ins and occupations that have inspired many who would otherwise have not become involved..

May Ayres "Ceramic Pictures"

May Ayres studied Illustration at the RCA during the early 1970s. For a number of years she has transposed her illustrators skills to ceramics. At the same time both the strength and fragilityof the fired material lends itself to the subject matter she has pursued - the human condition in extreme situations - not natural conditions but cruel situations - ones manufactured by tyrants and oppressors: war - torture. May acknowledges that some of the works in this exhibition are horrible - that is about horrible subjects.

RCA Society AGM 2011-2012 + new MC

This year's AGM took place on Sunday morning 18 September at AND 'EventSpace 1'. Members arrived for coffee at 11am. The well attended meeting got underway with the presentation of the Annual review and the annual accounts. Members discussed a number of issues that were highlighted in the review particularly the relationship between the Society and the Royal College of Art. It was again felt that the Society had an invaluable role to play in connecting fine art and design practitioners who had studied at the RCA along with all members of staff - whether professors or administration.

RCA Soc Excessive Optimism Show

As part of the continuing dialogue around art and design practice the RCA Society organised an event which brought together twenty different 'works of art' for presentation and discussion. The invitation stated that the works should be submitted with a "bullish" valuation and publicly presented by their "creator" or "representative". Through the individual presentations the work's true value would be revealed and subsequently accepted or rejected by the gathered audience of 'experts'.

Alison Wilding at The New Art Centre

Alison Wilding exhibition
New Art Centre East Winterslow, Salisbury
10 September - 6 November 2011

RCA Society members took a day trip to the New Art Centre in the Wiltshire countryside. Our main reason to visit the centre was to see an exhibition of works by Alison Wilding "How the Land Lies".

RCA Society Excessive Optimism Show

See who will be taking part and the works they are presenting.

an event of optimism and a show about money… aspire!
an RCA Society 1Day event show
2pm • Sunday
18th September • 2011 (1Day event)
Exhibition till 24th September
10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX
contact David Sherriff for everything;
M 07584576395

Members and friends are invited to participate.

Kim James

The RCA Society were sad to hear of the death of Kim James... Kim took an active part in the Society and was a dynamic “judge” in the RCA Society and Thames & Hudson Art Book Prize (2002). That year he also had a retrospective exhibition at St Mattews Church in Bethnal Green where he had completed his first commission in 1960

Kim James FRSA MA (RCA) Msc Phd.  Born Wollaston Northants 31st July 1928 Died Northampton Hospital 16th July 2011.

RCA Fine Art Degree Shows 2011

RCA Fine Art Degree Shows 2011
Fine Art: Sculpture - Painting - Printmaking - Photography
This was the first year that ‘Fine Art’ Degree shows took place in the new purpose built Studios in the College’s Battersea campus*. All these disciplines converged in Howie Street - merging practice boundaries and interspersing performance and zany kinetic installations with the more traditional wall works and static monoliths.

Doreen's doing sterling stuff in Kent to save the council's 'family silver'

A 17th Century painting of 'Judith with the head of Holofernes' by Gerad Seqhers has for many years adorned the yellow painted walls of Tenterden's local town hall - until now.
In these days of cuts and cash crises local councillors have decided to 'flog it' along with another painting to raise dosh for a new heating system. There is a lot of coverage about how the vital public services are affected by budget cuts but the arts are often the first to feel the squeeze.

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