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"Underground Maps" by Maxwell Roberts

Had Harry Beck, the creator of the original iconic Tube Map, been a psychologist at the University of Essex then this exhibition shows the range of work he would have created. Maxwell Roberts has pushed the boundaries of the diagrammatic mapping from the rules set by tools of the trade at the time, a draughting board with a T-square and 45% set-square, and change the rules not just by angles but by lines being curved and also wavy.

Lord Esher talks, Yellow Paper, 175 years RCA

This year the Royal College of Art marks its 150th Anniversary. Since its establishment as a school of design furnishing the Victorian Empire's new Industries developing into a unique university bringing together a range of practices across the fine arts, applied arts, design and theory that drive national and international cultures the Royal College of Art has built a proud reputation as the 'awkward' kid on the block.

"Pre-Raphaelites - Victorian Avant-Garde" • Morris and Marx don't rap like Eminem

In the recently refurbished iconic St Pancras Station Hotel the Tate Britatin held a launch event for its forthcominge exhibition "Pre-Raphaelites - Victorian Avant-Garde". This was a fitting venue for the exhibition by emphasising the role of the railway in the Industrial revolution, the loss of camelot with the urban spread of product hungry suburbs, and the new mechanistic technologies which challenged traditional craft skills. 

David Hall "End Piece..."

16 March - 22 April 2012
Venue: Ambika P3 Galleries - University of Westminster
35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS
nearest underground Baker Street (op Mme Tussaud)

Coming Event: "Takes Two to Tango: research & design."

Event: "Takes Two to Tango: research & design."
When: Wednesday 4th April 2012 at 7pm - 9pm
WHERE: Classic House, 180 Old Street, London EC1V 9RQ
Admission Free
ORGANISERS: RCA Society and London CSD Group

The Passing of Keith New and A disappearing culture

A student, lecturer, and Fellow at The Royal College of Art and Committee member and friend to the RCA Society.

British Sculpture from the 1950-1960s

Pangolin London
Exorcising the Fear: British Sculpture from the 1950-60s, 11th Jan - 3rd Mar 2012


During 1971 the students, staff and ancillary workers contributed towards an analysis of the RCA, which after much discussion and amendment was published as the RCA-Redefined, which proved an important catalyst in changing the educational opportunities and social structure of the college.
It followed the many challenges to the old divisions that dominated art education, allowing for the development of mixed-media collaborations and conceptual notions that are now commonplace, even creating a new orthodoxy that has provoked challenges.

Lucien Freud - My Father by Jane McAdam Freud

EarthStone Triptych

This giant relief is also in the round. The ambiguity is intended as a response to the clear but complex subject matter. The subject is the late painter Lucian Freud, my father. This portmanteau of equal forms joins with a cobra like rim bringing the obverse and reverse together. A hollow inverse inhabits the interior leaving space for the imagination: the projections packed in by so many artists, admirers and his fascinated entourage.

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