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Data Manifestation

How can Data be visualised? Karin von Ompteda, a PhD student and visiting lecturer at the RCA presented a lecture and curated an exhibition of works created in a workshop she has run since 2010. Members of the RCA Society went along to the Hockney Galleries to find out more....

Pop Up and Rock with WaWa

Wawa, founded by Richard Ward, based in Shoreditch near Columbia Road Flower Market creates classically contemporary seating and sleeping creations with distinctive upholstery. www.wawa.co.uk.

Richard, a trained sculptor and one time film set designer is re-launching his Rocking Chair design vis a vis a series of playful events around London. The first one will take place in Clifton Nurseries, Maida Vale – established in 1851 and owned by Lord Rothschild.

Dungeness Old LightHouse "Immaterial Time"

RSVP • David Sherriff

m: 07584 576 395 • e: david.sherriff@rcasociety.net
1st experimental event will take place in London at AND eventSpace 
Sunday 14 July 2013 • 7pm onwards
10 BackChurch Lane, London E1 1LX
t: 020 7481 9053 • w: www.and.org.uk

an invitation to touch another dimension

RCA Fashion Show 2013

During it's 100 year history the "Royal College of Art" has built a reputation as being the world's foremost post-graduate arts and design university. In the coming month the College once again opens its doors to the public to view its graduating students’ Shows.

Roderick Coyne - Crossing Fields

More than fifty people gathered at “AND eventSpace 1” on Friday evening 22 May to see “Crossing Fields” - an exhibition of recent works by Roderick Coyne. These works further extends his previous practice of using photographic imagery to include the process of painting.

Peter Wilcockson

14 November 1927 - 19 February 2013

RCA Society AGM 2013

The draft minutes of the previous AGM were tabled. Members were reminded of corrections included from the subsequent MC meeting. Below is a summary of the AGM 2013.
RCA Soc AGM Report 2013 (1mb PDF file)

The minutes of the 2012 AGM were agreed as accurate.

FIX FIX FIX at Gallery SO - 92 Brick Lane

An exhibition of objects that have been “fixed”  from different broken objects which have been “perfectly” repaired or have incorporated the fault line into its reconstitution. The exhibition, curated by Glenn Adamson, a tutor at the RCA and head of research at the Victoria & Albert museum,  brings together a vast scale of “fixed” items - from small coins to grand pianos.

Rhonda Whitehead’s “Beneath the Surface”

Rhonda Whitehead’s series of large abstract paintings are a rich layering of textures and colour which bring to mind the arbitrary landscapes made up of imaginary stories and real histories depicted on wall surfaces of weathered buildings... These are sharply contrasted by the harsh geometry of her later paintings. 

Keep Henry Moore's “Draped Seated Woman” ('Flo') in public ownership

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