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RCA Show 2015

Show 2015

25 June – 5 July 2015, 12

Peter Kennard • "Unofficial War Artist"

An exhibition of works at the Imperial War Museum

Peter Kennard is acknowledged as being the country’s leading ‘photo-montagist’ and is known for his work as a “political artist“ - covering issues of conflict and political event. Kennard studied painting at the Slade and then at the RCA (1976-79). He is currently a "Senior Research Reader - Art and the Public Domain" in the RCA's School of Photography.

Easter Holiday...? • what to DO

Take a break from the usual. Easter brings the first long break since Xmas - and this time of the year has promise. What seems to have be an interminable time of disrobing the old, Spring brings us the energy to freshen up and invent new ventures. Or, if the energy hasn’t quite yet pulsated through, at least bury the stuff which lingers and prepare for the zeitgeist! 

So what to do? 

Stuart Croft

My friend Stuart Croft, who has died of heart failure aged 44, was an influential and internationally recognised artist/film-maker whose work investigated the relationship between art and cinema.


RCA Society visits

Olympia “architect-at-work” showcased the latest innovations in the ever-evolving world of architecture. The ambition of the show was to exhibit the latest and most innovative products and materials available in the market. 

Ismail Saray • From England with Love

SALT Galata - Istanbul • 13 September till 2 November 2014
SALT Ulus - Ankara • 18 November 2014 till 10 January 2015

David Hall (1937 - 2014)

The RCA Society was sad to hear that one of our members, the world renowned and celebrated Video artist, David Hall, died in October.(1937 - 2014).

Initially a sculptor, David Hall pioneered Video art producing a number of seminal works for gallery exhibition and TV. He taught in a number of Art schools including the RCA and founded the Time Based Media Course at Maidstone College of Art.

The Royal College of Art And the First World War

RCA Library Commemorates Great War with Remembrance Exhibition.
In 2014 a small commemorative exhibition was held at the College 24 October 2014, inspired by a memorial plaque to former students who had died during the First World War. Percy Metcalfe, the sculptor responsible for the memorial, had himself interrupted his studies at the College to join the army.

Tate Turbine Hall and Whitechapel • Richard Tuttle ‘I don’t know...’!

Art works placed in an art gallery invite us to understand their place within an art historical  context. What are it’s references? What is the artist adding or subtracting from the conversation? What does the art work do to open or close our eyes or minds? - our mindseye?

Why War?

A mixed exhibition of a dozen artists and pupils from Griffin Primary School, Wandsworth was held during August at the Freud Museum in London. The aim of the exhibition was to reintroduce to the public a conversation between Einstein and Freud “Why War?” which took place in 1931 - 1932. At the time of the conversation the world was plunging into economic collapse, Europe was still recovering from WW1 and Hitler’s National Socialism (Nazism) in Germany was consolidating.

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