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Alan Rickman (1946 - 2016)

Alan Rickman who passed away on January 14 is probably best known as one of Britains leading actors. Following roles at the RSC - The Tempest, Love’s Labour’s Lost - he developed his ‘villainous’ persona in the movies and earned a number of prestigious awards for his work. His more recent villany and most popular film role was the ‘dark’ Professor Severus Snape in the ‘Harry Potter’ series ….

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The RCA Society is the original organisation of graduates, staff and associates of the Royal College of Art. As you have been very much part of the RCA’s evolution why not join the RCA Society....and be part of the future? The annual membership fee is only £10. New graduates are entitled to 18 months free membership.

Roderick Coyne “Overlaid Landscapes”

Mourning for the soldiers who were slaughtered in the First World War can never be complete. No final requiem terminates the collective lamentation. Roderick Coyne's photographs of the Somme show the affinity of the French landscape to the corresponding geological formations in south-east England. In this exhibition a whole wall is given over to French and English woodlands together with a computer assisted merger.

The exhibition ‘Off the Wall’

by Mavis Sze Wong
The exhibition ‘Off the Wall’  (sponsored by DAAD) was held on-board HQS Wellington, which is docked at Victoria Embankment, London.

RCA Society AGM 2015

Download - PDF Annual Report 2015 (800K) 

RCA Society AGM 2015 (Annual General Meeting)

16th August 2015

11am (coffee) for 11.30 - 1pm AGM

convergence • Art+Design • Thinking+Doing

an exhibition by RCA graduates

2 - 16August 2015

RCA Show 2015

Show 2015

25 June – 5 July 2015, 12

Peter Kennard • "Unofficial War Artist"

An exhibition of works at the Imperial War Museum

Peter Kennard is acknowledged as being the country’s leading ‘photo-montagist’ and is known for his work as a “political artist“ - covering issues of conflict and political event. Kennard studied painting at the Slade and then at the RCA (1976-79). He is currently a "Senior Research Reader - Art and the Public Domain" in the RCA's School of Photography.

Easter Holiday...? • what to DO

Take a break from the usual. Easter brings the first long break since Xmas - and this time of the year has promise. What seems to have be an interminable time of disrobing the old, Spring brings us the energy to freshen up and invent new ventures. Or, if the energy hasn’t quite yet pulsated through, at least bury the stuff which lingers and prepare for the zeitgeist! 

So what to do? 

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