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Inferno on the Doorstep

After the night (13th June 2017) it happened I had walked out of my residential street to go on to the local Tube station to make an anticipated visit somewhere. However, although it was early morning I found I could hardly move anywhere long enough to be able to travel easily out of my area. The street  was mostly empty and cordoned off with police on bikes zooming protectively about.

Call to RCA Society AGM 2017

This year's annual meeting will take place at AND eventSpace

Sunday 18th June 2017
10 Back Church Lane
London E1 1LX

From 11am (Coffee) 11:30am - 1pm

All members and guests are welcome to attend. If you are not yet a member but are an RCA Graduate or associate you can attend the meeting as an observer.

RCA SU Election 2017-2018

Around this time of the year most second year students will be anxiously thinking of producing work for their Final Shows whilst first year students will have just about settled into the workings of the College and feeling they have all the time in the world.

London Festival of Architecture 2017 June

The RCA Society with AND Association is continuing its discussions on London’s built environment and participating in the London Festival of Architecture which takes place during June 2017.

Paolozzi and Hockney • Two major exhibitions in London

London is enjoying two major exhibitions of work by two popular and influential artists - Eduardo Paolozzi at the Whitechapel and David Hockney at Tate Britain. Both artists, at either end of the same generation, had a connection with the RCA and both are linked to 'pop art'. Each one has held the accolade of 'father of Pop Art'.

Tony Armstrong Jones

7 March 1930 – 13 January 2017

Anthony Armstrong Jones, the Earl of Snowdon, provost at the Royal College of Art from 1995 to 2003, has died at the age of 86.

David Hockney's Westminster Abbey window

Artist David Hockney is to design a stained glass window in Westminster Abbey to celebrate the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

Darcy Lange: Enduring Time

Darcy Lange studied Sculpture at the RCA and graduated in 1971, the same year as I did. So it was shocking to recently hear that he had died in 2005. How easily we all lose touch with each other. I knew him as a fellow student who would occasionally come by the Fashion School and ask me to sew up some canvasses for his installations.

One Day, Two Delays - Kathryn Best • Peter Suchin

A dialogue between two artist practitioners.

How does an audience respond to series of visual works presented by two artists?

Harriet Aston 'Dancing Mania'

Harriet Aston’s installation at AND eventSpace transformed a white cool gallery environment into a forest of mysterious soft forms.... This army of self supporting works made of rough fibrous paper, that was destined to wrap bed mattresses, stood deceptively motionless for several days - as if aware of their place in the scheme of things but enjoying their moment of celebrity - until collapsing under their own weight and their special ability to absorb surplus humidity.

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