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Lubaina Himid wins the Turner Prize 2017

The Turner Prize for Art was set up in 1984.  Given the association of 1984 with a ‘Big Brother’ society has the Prize changed over the past thirty or so years since its inception and have the participating artists works influenced its direction? 

RCA Christmas Fete 2017

RCA Christmas Fete brings together RCA students and alumni to deliver beautifully crafted goods for the wider community of art and design lovers, and local and international visitors. Work includes ceramics, jewellery, contemporary prints, textiles and illustrations.

Rationing Earth by Herb Bentz

Rationing Earth: Economic Strategy by Design

by: Herb Bentz

The tradition of a student union magazine continues at the RCA

The Pluralist # issue 1…

The tradition of a student union magazine continues at the RCA.

New committee elected

On what was probably the hottest day of the summer (so far...) the RCA Society's AGM, the 'hottest event in town', was held in London. The AGM coincided with our participation in the London Festival of Architecture which is taking place throughout June/July at AND eventSpace (near Tower Bridge, Aldgate).

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