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RCA Society AGM 2018 September23

If you are a member of the RCA Society and paid your £10 annual subscription you will have already received a copy of the annual review and reports. A pdf copy of the review can be downloaded from the link below.

RCA Society AGM Review 2018

Art Gig - an experimental session

Date: 11 July 2018

Invitation to take part

Download the pdf or read on... PDF doc

Art Gig - an experimental session

Conceived by the Royal College of Art Society but open to all creators. We propose there is a creative void between static art and continuous art.

RCA Soc News out

All RCA Society Members will have received in the post an issue of the latest printed Newsletter. Information about the graduate SHOWs which have now started is included as well as notice that we'll be holding our AGM after the summer. Also our project for the LFA (London Festival of Architecture) 'Sensory City' is currently showing at AND eventSpace in Whitechapel... it is an evolving exhibition and event which is gathering evidence and elements which expresses London's identity.... images, sounds, videos...

SensoryCity RCASociety AND eventSpace

An invitation to take part in RCA Society’s “Sensory City”

Meet up at V&A Friday Lates

On the last Friday every month except May and December the V&A is open late. The event usually has a theme, which highlights a part of the V&A’s vast collection or focusses on a specific aspect. One month the theme was water, and last month it was circus skills. Whatever the theme it’s a brilliant excuse to wander around the V&A to see their wonderful artefacts and at the same time enjoy the ‘party-like’ atmosphere enhanced with cocktails and music. 

RCA Easter Fair is coming! 23-25th March

at RCA Battersea
Following in the footsteps of the popular Christmas Fetê, from 23rd-25th March the Royal College of Art Battersea opens its doors to the public for the inaugural Easter Fair. This event is hosted by the RCA Student Union, giving the artists and designers of tomorrow the opportunity to sell their bespoke goods.

Sensory City LFA 2018 call for participation

The RCA Society would like members to participate in our programme of activitiies during the forthcoming London Festival of Architecture (1 - 30 June 2018). This year's LFA theme is "Identity" but we are identifying (London) as a Sensory City (sensory environment -v- augmented reality) and locating our activities around AND eventSpace1 - on the City Fringe. Clips of submitted senses will be collated, projected and displayed in darkness and light. Get in touch...!

See two other news items on this event

Identity London Festival of Architecture 2018

The RCA Society is once again collaborating on a month long project with AND Association during the London Festival of Architecture. You are welcome to contribute comments on the issue of "Identity" and participate with us. Join the conversation which starts below with Peter Ayley...

CND Logo - Gerald Holtom

RCA graduates are often somewhere behind those Iconic images and products which fill our lives. The CND logo is an example.

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