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Friday 10 May 2019, 8pm

Peter Kardia 1925 - 2019

02 /10 /1925  -  02 / 05 / 2019

Peter Kardia was an inspirational art school teacher who taught a generation of British sculptors and artists at both St. Martin’s School of Art and at the Royal College of Art between the years of 1960 to 1986.

What makes the RCA Special

First thing on a grey Monday morning in January the RCA launched ’GenerationRCA’ at its Kensington Gore building - famously designed in the ‘1960s brutalist style’ by RCA tutors Hugh Casson, Cadbury Brown and Robert Goodden… and tweeted the question ‘What makes the RCA so special???’

RCA SU 2018 Xmas Fayre

The RCA Student annual Xmas Fayre gets bigger and better each year. This year was no exception: more than 50 students displayed very buyable products - perfect for Xmas gifts. Amongst the stalls run by current students, there was a sprinkling of graduates from previous years -  everyone was helping to raise funds for the College Student fund as well as earning some personal pocket money. Products ranged from the novelty fun to more seriously crafted goods.

AND again… lens-based exhibition

An exhibition of lens-based works is being organised by AND at ‘eventSpace’ during December and January. The artists invited to take part in this project have used the lens in their work, contributed to AND Journal of Art & Art Education or shown work in AND eventSpace gallery.

Artgig - an experimental session

We propose there is a creative void between static art and continuous art. The subject area is the transition between static works (painting, sculpture,..) and continuous works (performance, dance, film, music,..)

RCA Society AGM 2018 September23

If you are a member of the RCA Society and paid your £10 annual subscription you will have already received a copy of the annual review and reports. A pdf copy of the review can be downloaded from the link below.

RCA Society AGM Review 2018

Art Gig - an experimental session

Date: 11 July 2018

Invitation to take part

Download the pdf or read on... PDF doc

Art Gig - an experimental session

Conceived by the Royal College of Art Society but open to all creators. We propose there is a creative void between static art and continuous art.

RCA Soc News out

All RCA Society Members will have received in the post an issue of the latest printed Newsletter. Information about the graduate SHOWs which have now started is included as well as notice that we'll be holding our AGM after the summer. Also our project for the LFA (London Festival of Architecture) 'Sensory City' is currently showing at AND eventSpace in Whitechapel... it is an evolving exhibition and event which is gathering evidence and elements which expresses London's identity.... images, sounds, videos...

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