RCA Society

Bedtime Stories by Christine McCauley

31 October 2006 - 26 January 2007

Temporary Gallery
REME Museum of Technology
Isaac Newton Road
Arborfield RG2 9NJ

Bedtime Stories by Christine McCauley - PDF Download

What shapes our attitudes to war?

It is often said that ‘those who ignore history, are condemned to repeat it...'. And brutal conflicts that kill and maim are still taking place - war brings no resolution. The tragic impact of war goes beyond those who are directly engaged in the fighting. Every day we see transmitted images of bombed villages and the bloody aftermaths of battle, alongside the happy faces of families welcoming back the warriors and tears confronting the ‘body bags’ and flag draped coffins. World War 2 is to most of us as remote as the battle weary regions of Afghanistan or Iraq – but we know that we will all be touched in some way. This exhibition confronts the memories and feelings shared between a father and his daughter.

The collection of work exhibited at REME is inspired by Christine’s unique childhood experience of listening to her father tell her stories of being a soldier fighting in Burma during WW2. The exhibition is currently being shown at The REME Museum of Technology in Arborfield Garrison near Reading, Berkshire. An ideal location for the exhibition as the museum presents the history of the military’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps and, being well hidden away in the Berkshire countryside, further emphasises the hidden memories that a young soldier ‘radio operator’ had of a particularly brutal war. The exhibition is on until January 07 so there’s still time to see her beautifully crafted works that are worthy of the ‘journey’.

Visiting the exhibition is also good opportunity to get together with friends and family to support the REME museum, who are enthusiastically developing a new exhibition space that will give artists an opportunity to show their work.