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Till Dress Us Do Part - a make over pilot

'Plum Pictures' - in association with 'Hat Trick' - are looking for couples to take part in a new programme for Channel 4 in which a man will treat his wife or long-term partner to a whole new wardrobe.  It maybe that she feels completely lost when it comes to clothes, maybe she has low self-esteem, or finds it hard to get out of her comfort clothes. She might have quite a whacky/overly sexy dress sense or since having children hasn’t had any time to focus on herself and her clothes are utterly outdated.  Whatever his reasons this is a chance to treat his wife to a style overhaul and a bit of pampering. He will go out and pick some outfits that he thinks she will look fantastic in and she will decide whether to accept his changes or stick with her old, safe clothes. Filming starts in August.
Members note that RCA graduates pop up in the most unexpected places - you may recall Miriam Elia, who graduated from the College in 2006 and since nominated for a number of prestigious awards for her productions ("A Series of Psychotic Episodes"), worked with Stuart Cabb at Plum Pictures to produce a documentary pilot about Art Colleges in London.

For more information about "Till Dress Us Do Part"contact
Stephanie Page
Casting Assistant Producer
T: 020 7184 6744