RCA Society

Welcome to RCA Society AGM 2010

RCA Society
Annual General Meeting
Sunday 20th June 2010
(11am for coffee) 11.30 am – 1pm
venue • AND “EventSpace 1”
10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX

You can download the AGM Report 09-2010 as an Acrobat pdf document

Agenda Items
1 Welcome by the Chair
2 Apologies
3 Approval of last years AGM minutes
4 Officers’ Reports
5 Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Nominations* and Elections
6 Election of Chair
7 Election of officers
8 Election of committee members
9 Resolutions and Any Other Business

Please send your Committee Member nominations to us, or let us know if you want take part in any way, or send your comments, 2 days before the AGM.