RCA Society

The winners for Show RCA•Two (2009)

RCA Society and Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize 2009

Members of the RCA Society from London and beyond came to Shows One and Two and the Fashion show to look at the work and nominate their selected winners. Following this a lively discussion took place where everyone put forward their point of view and defended their position.

The criteria, although fundamentally continues to be for work that shows "exceptional skill and innovation in a particular discipline, and is critical and challenging across the area of art and design", still includes room for each judges own professional and personal hobby horses.

This lively discussion not only ranged from chosing which work should win but if it was 'good practice' to set up competition - as selection can be so subjective. This threw open other discussions and it was agreed that the process enabled a positive debate about each discipline - about current educational practice - about generational differences - about other points of view. Finally the choices were made and this year's winners of the RCA Society and Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize 2009 are as follows:

Fashion: Dulcie Wanless
Textiles: Renee de Lange
Accessories: Alexandru Adam
Architecture / design: Alex Smith
Interaction Design: Nelly Ben Hayoun
Design Products: Matthew Plummer-Fernandez + George Thomas
Industrial Design/ Engineering: Chi-Yu Chen + Daniel Mason
Vehicle Design: Hong Yeo
Animation: Sarah Wickens
Communication Art & Design: Page Tsou (chun-sheng tsou) + Verena Hanschke
Conservation: Phiiippa Druffuss
History of Design: Spike Sweeting
Curating Contemporary Art: Collective Prize

As announced before, the winners for Show one were:

Sculpture: Andrew Humber
Painting: April Yang
Photography: James Parkin
Printmaking: Hector de Gregorio
Ceramics: Katharine Morling
Glass: Purnima Patel
Gold, Silver, Metalwork & Jewellery: Maisie Broadhead