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RCA Society + Thames & Hudson ArtBook Prize 2007

The RCA Society together with Thames & Hudson Art Book Publishers awards a prize with a total value of £3500 to 24 graduating students of the Royal College of Art. Each individual prize is £150 worth of books of a winners own choice from T&H publications. This year 24 individual prizes were, again, awarded – representing one prize for each discipline practised in the College. The criteria for selection is for ‘work that is innovative and challenges the boundaries of art and design”. The prize is judged by members of the RCA Society – all of whom are graduates or associates of the Royal College of Art. This year there were more than 30 members who came to London from all over the country and abroad to see and judge the shows: Sculpture, Fashion (catwalk) show and the “Great Exhibition”. Each of the judges selected disciplines to nominate from – not necessarily within their own area of practice -which, in the process, gave rise to a dynamic array of values and criteria – with painters putting forward nominations in automotive design categories and designers grappling with concepts in Sculpture.

The Prize is special for a number of reasons –the judges are all graduates of the College and cover a number of decades from very recent graduates to graduates from the early 1950s. Many members of the Society can be found in the pages of Thames & Hudson publications and all members recognise Thames & Hudson as a leading international publisher of popular Art & Design books that are on the bookshelves of world universities and close to hand of professional art and design practitioners.

The Prize criteria

The prize is awarded to graduating students work that shows “exceptional skill and innovation in a particular discipline, as well as being critical and challenging across the area of art and design.”

The RCA Society is the longest established organisation for graduates, staff and associates of the Royal College of Art. Records show there was an active Society (Old Students Association) going back for more than a century. The organisation, known as “OSARCA”, officially became the RCA Society in 1981. Over the years the RCA Society has maintained the voluntary, democratic and independent structure where an international network of members can freely express their personal professional opinions on art, design practices and art education. The Society initiated an art book prize in 1998: kicking off with Dillons ArtBook Shop, then Borders Book shops. Since 2001 the prize has increased in value and numbers with the generous support of Thames & Hudson Publishers. In recognition of the quality of work produced by the graduating students we have decided this year to also publish names of “runners up” in each discipline. Unfortunately we are not able to give a prize to the runners up – however we hope that “being mentioned” is some consolation.

This years winners are as follows

School of Fine Arts

Sculpture Daniel Pasteiner Runners up - Beatrice Turner and Jennifer Taylor
Painting Laura Oldfield Ford + Ian Whitfield Runner up - James Green
Photography Kimberly Schoen Runners up - Viola Yesiltac and Sarolta Szabo
Printmaking M.D.Williams Runners up - Jane Ward and Joy Gerrard

School of Applied Art

Ceramics & Glass James Rigler Runners up - Michi Suzuki and James Lethbridge
Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery Maud Traon Runners up - Nutre Arayavanish and Karen-Ann Dicken

School of Fashion and Textiles

Fashion Menswear Peter Smith and Christian Zuzanaga (shared) Runners up - Hans Christian Madsen and Hwan Heo
Fashion Womenswear Jason McCarthy Runners up - David Longshaw and Teerabul Songvich
Constructed Textiles Anna Zakis Runners up - Sarah Lowry and Joanna Kay Lewis
Printed Textiles Maria Cooper Runners up - Kathryn Leyland and Stephanie Sloan

School of Architecture & Design

Architecture Mark Manning Runners up - Lucy Pengilley and Joyce Wang
Interaction Design Miquel Mora Mor Runners up - Jessica Charlesworth and Andreas Molgaard
Design Products Brit Leissler + Jordi Canudas Runner up - Jun Murakoshi
Industrial Design Engineering Gail Knight Runners up - Gregory Epps and Ben Storan
Vehicle Design Filip Krnja Runners up - Ana Zadnik and Craig Morrison

School of Communication

Animation Robb Ellender Runners up - Johnny Kelly and Doctor Simpo
Communication Art & Design Angela Palmer + Matthias Hillner Runner up - Cristian Zuzunaga

School of Humanities

Conservation Helen Evans Runners up - Lirica Lynch and Sandra Joly
History of Design Helena Nicholls Runners up - Hannah Kauffman and Jessica Kelly
Curating Contemporary Art Collective Department Prize


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