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John Yeadon and .....
"Drawing with Dolphins" - Crimes Town
February 13th!!!

13/02/2009 6:09 pm

"Crimes Town"
110 Church Street
London N16 OJX

The gallery run by Gavin Toye and Ben Newton is on Yoakley Road, (just off) Stoke Newington Church St.

Through a very narrow door off Stoke Newington High Street a paper mache dolphin barricades access to an exhibition that was akin to vertical beach combing. Turning up in the "flotsam and jetsom" were some real gems - John Yeadon's beautifully drawn debris of a fish meal.... made the bitter winter's journey to Hackney well worth it. Great atmosphere too that only happens amongst young enthusiastic artists who have an enduring energy to locate art in the most unlikely nooks and crannies.