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Open Invitation to Participate in "Locked"

To RCA Soc members, associates
Has the experience of “Corona virus” impacted on you, as a person, or your work, as a creative practitioner, artist, designer or educationalist?
The RCA Society invites you to participate in "Locked" our exhibition about the Covid19 lockdown. 
Your observations and stateme

RCA2020 Online - July 2020 Shows

16 July - 30 July 2020
The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Paul Thompson, is delighted to invite you, to a series of exclusive online events in celebration of RCA2020.
From In Conversations to student Q&As, hosted by world-renowned leaders across art and design - join us for these unique events, bringing a dynamic to RCA2020 which goes far beyond a collection of portfolios.
RCA looks forward to welcoming you to these exclusive events - to register, simply click on the relevant links below.

Work at the RCA 2020

September 2020

Creative and intellectual excellence within a modern culture.

RCA SU Election 20/21 announced

The Students' Union is the voice of all students at the Royal College of Art. RCA-SU represent students and their views independently of the College as well as providing a whole range of services and support across campuses.

Earth 1970-2020

The exhibition ‘Earth1970-2020’ curated by AND eventSpace, is showing work from a number of artists who are associated with the Royal College of Art.  ‘Earth’ is about the environment, ecology, and the economy, whether natural or man-made.

‘The Intelligent Instinct’ by Jane McAdam Freud

The Headstone Manor Museum in Harrow provides an intriguing venue for an exhibition of ‘Interruptive’ works (sub theme ‘The Intelligent Instinct’) by Jane McAdam Freud.

Best wishes for the New Year 2020

Best wishes and good luck to you all for the New Year - 2020

With the annual ritual of ‘Seasons Greeting’ and wishing everyone a “Happy and Prosperous New Year’ 2020 throws up an unprecedented challenge. 

RCA SU Christmas Fete 2019

In keeping with RCA annual tradition, between 5–8 December, the Students' Union welcomes you to the RCA Christmas Fête to experience festive creativity and craftsmanship.

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