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Peter Ayley - Videos

Peter Ayley "Locked"

I have published several short videos in 2020:

Peter Byrom - Crisis of Governance

I write as a member of the RCA Society and also, for reasons which will become clear later, as a Senior Fellow RCA.

Locked - Contact UK

c/o Jenni Boswell-Jones 

Tel: 07950 197 422

Locked - Contact France

c/o Peter Ayley


Locked - Contact Germany

c/o Helena Hartmann


Lynne Beel - Facing the Unknown

I was walking along a City street outside to take a journey to a mobile repairs store, when I was suddenly taken along into a headfirst front fall across a pavement .... my immediate response was to rise up and rush to get to the bus stop round the corner ....

Open Invitation to Participate in "Locked"

To RCA Soc members, associates
Has the experience of “Corona virus” impacted on you, as a person, or your work, as a creative practitioner, artist, designer or educationalist?
The RCA Society invites you to participate in an exhibition about the Covid19 lockdownDownload the invitation either as an image ("Locked&quo

RCA2020 Online - July 2020 Shows

16 July - 30 July 2020
The Vice-Chancellor, Dr Paul Thompson, is delighted to invite you, to a series of exclusive online events in celebration of RCA2020.
From In Conversations to student Q&As, hosted by world-renowned leaders across art and design - join us for these unique events, bringing a dynamic to RCA2020 which goes far beyond a collection of portfolios.
RCA looks forward to welcoming you to these exclusive events - to register, simply click on the relevant links below.

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