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Stuart Croft

My friend Stuart Croft, who has died of heart failure aged 44, was an influential and internationally recognised artist/film-maker whose work investigated the relationship between art and cinema.

His signature looping narratives appropriated the visual language and production values of Hollywood into the space of the gallery. These unique sensibilities led Stuart to establish the Moving Image (Animation Course) at the Royal College of Art, in London.

Born in Leeds to Philomena and Mike, Stuart grew up as an urban Yorkshireman, of which he remained proud. A bright teenager, he attended Lawnswood High school in his home city, experimenting with late punk before attending Newcastle Polytechnic and then Wimbledon School of Art as an undergraduate. He gained a master’s in fine art from Chelsea School of Art in 1998.

While working as a press officer at the Serpentine Gallery, as well as the Chisenhale, Stuart established a rich network of associates within the London art world. He formed an artists’ collective, Unit, and began making a series of short, circular films.

Steven Eastwood

Sunday 29 March 2015