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Sensory City LFA 2018 call for participation

The RCA Society would like members to participate in our programme of activitiies during the forthcoming London Festival of Architecture (1 - 30 June 2018). This year's LFA theme is "Identity" but we are identifying (London) as a Sensory City (sensory environment -v- augmented reality) and locating our activities around AND eventSpace1 - on the City Fringe. Clips of submitted senses will be collated, projected and displayed in darkness and light. Get in touch...!

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Sensory City LFA 2018 call for participation

Identity London Festival of Architecture 2018 (by Peter Ayley)

The events will take place at AND eventSpace - 10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX (tel: 020 7481 9053)
email: david.sherriff@rcasociety.net


The RCA Society is continuing its partnership with AND Association in LFA 2018 as we did in LFA 2016 (Built Environments / Communities -v- Geo Environments under the irresistable shifts of ‘Industrial’ Architecture) and in LFA 2017 (The Changing Face of Settlements caused by Natural Disasters and Man-made Interventions).
Under this year’s theme ‘Identity’ (LFA 2018) we will be looking at London as a Sensory City: transforming from its early beginnings of open agricultural spaces to an overlay of imported industry of empire, production-line living, parklands of leisure, security driven environments infused with disparate experiences and conflicting memories.
Our programme will include a number of displays, performances, discussions and events, in and around a specific inner city location that consists of two galleries, one light one dark. This location is connected to several open spaces through walkways where participants will utilise the five senses to evoke minimal clues. A snapshot of gathered or recorded cross sensory references will be shown, played or placed in either of the two galleries.
The intention of the programme is to encourage participants and visitors to identify a Sensory City* by peeling away layers of lost, forgotten and hidden elements that have been constrained by bureaucratic demarcations, physical barriers, alien materials and architectural transitions between the social and industrial.