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Roderick Coyne - Crossing Fields

More than fifty people gathered at “AND eventSpace 1” on Friday evening 22 May to see “Crossing Fields” - an exhibition of recent works by Roderick Coyne. These works further extends his previous practice of using photographic imagery to include the process of painting.

Roderick Coyne studied sculpture at the RCA 1969-72 during which time he began to utilise photography into his practice. During the 1970s he taught on the progressive “A”Course at St Martins School of Art. The exhibition provides an opportunity to observe his continuing interest in the ‘dialogue between painting and photography”. The exhibition continues till 2 June 2013 - Wednesday - Saturday 12 noon - 7pm.

For more information contact: AND eventSpace 020 7481 9053

Also see website: http://roderickcoyne.and.org.uk


Crossing the boundaries of form and medium

It was good to see your approach to sculpture which fixes time onto a surface using the medium of paint and photography.


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