RCA Society

Riverside Artists Group Exhibition 22-November 2019 - 12 January 2020

22/11/2019 18:13

An exhibition of members of the Riverside Artists Group (RAG) at Riverside Studions, 101 Queen Caroline Street, London, W6 9BN 22-11-2019 to 12 January 2020. Twenty seven RAG artists will show their work, including RCA Society committee member Lynne Beel.

The newly refurbished Riverside Studios opens with works from visual artists practising in West London.  'At a time when each organisation and the community which it includes can deliver vibrabcy into an area, the rich diversity of works from these emerging and established artists is impressive. RAG, as it did in the past, contiues to support its members and to encourage discussion, reflection and enjoyment. For more information contact celiatoler@hotmail.com

Also see: riversideartistsgroup.com