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RCA SU Election 20/21 announced

The Students' Union is the voice of all students at the Royal College of Art. RCA-SU represent students and their views independently of the College as well as providing a whole range of services and support across campuses. Each year SU calls an election to vote in the Co-Presidents for Battersea, Kensington and White City campuses.
Election results
RCA SU pleased to announce the three newly elected Co-Presidents for 2020/2021


RCASU Co-President Battersea:  Total Valid Vote: 449 - Chenyu Shen (AleksLucyChenyu) Vote: 341

RCASU Co-President Kensington:  Total Valid Vote: 439 - Aleks Stanek (AleksLucyChenyu) Vote: 278

RCAU Co-President White City:  Total Valid Vote: 424 - Lucy Bird (AleksLucyChenyu) Vote: 289

RCA/SU Chenyu, Aleks, Lucy 2020/21

Thank you to Ed Compson, Marnie Hamilton and Gülce Tulçali for also running as candidates.

Please contact Head of Students’ Union, Toks Ferguson toks.ferguson@rca.ac.uk should you have any questions regarding the Election.



Never has effective student representation been more important. At the end of this uncertain time, you should be able to look back and say, 'my Co-presidents did the utmost to advocate on my behalf.'

We are your current Kensington and White City Students' Union representatives Aleks and Lucy, and Battersea student and Red Plate Society leader Chenyu. Together, we draw on our knowledge and understanding of student experience to campaign for national fee reimbursement and serve RCA students.

As an EU, Home and International team, we will


Center Grad Dip, MA and PGR needs in online learning and return to campus, including but not limited to students who are Disabled, facing financial difficulties, parents and carers, visa holders, students with learning difficulties and from minority backgrounds facing inequality.

Throughout the reopening of the campus, consult and prioritise students' physical and mental health.

Improve our engagement and communication with International students.

Make RCA more accessible to students from any background - we want to foster an RCA where anyone can thrive and have their voice heard.

Continue standing with UCU and UNITE staff unions; solidarity forever!


Keep working with the National Union of Students and national student led campaigns such as Pause or Pay to pressure the UK government into providing visa extensions and fee reimbursements for studio-based learners.

Further support societies, student lead action and complaints.

Continue working to make RCA a safer place through the inclusion of sexual misconduct into

Misconduct Policy, an Anonymous Reporting Tool and Active Bystander Training. We advocated for College infrastructure to be inclusive of Disability and gender identity. We want the College to adopt the Higher Education Race Equality Charter with the help of our newly appointed Diversity Support Officer.

Drive the College's divestment from fossil fuels and creation of a sustainability strategy.


We have already negotiated the organisation of physical shows once it is safe to do so. We will now ensure that the Colleges desire to pursue physical shows becomes a real accountable commitment, backed up by funding and access to studios and workshops.

Adapt our events online during lockdown, and focus on the expansion and safety of social spaces in the future.

Further direct student communication with senior management.

Provide urgently needed career focused workshops including information on writing successful applications, and facilitating network building.

Make the Students' Union more efficient through our Governance review.

RCA/SU Chenyu, Aleks, Lucy 2020/21