RCA Society

RCA Society meeting 5pm onwards

22/07/2019 17:00
Monday 22 July - 5pm
Venue: AND eventSpace - 10 Back Church Lane, London E1 1LX

Turn this into a social event with a ‘Fair Trade’ ethos… by contributing fair trade summer edibles and drinks….

Hi everyone,
As we missed a meeting this month I thought I’d bring you up to date with a few things that have happened recently:
I hope everyone got to see the College SHOWs this year and took the opportunity to chat with the students. The SHOW gets bigger each year so it’s a bit of a task to get around 3 different venues to see all the work.
However, some of us managed to see the shows at Kensington, Battersea and Lambeth, as well as the Fashion Show in Cork Street and Curatorial Show in the Oval earlier in the year. It was energising to talk with graduating students and a good time to hand out our RCA Society contact cards to a new crop of graduates - hopefully a few of them will join the Society. Some of the images and information from the Shows have been (will be) posted onto the rcasociety website. If you have any photos from your visit, or memories of the Shows, please send and we can upload them onto RCA Society website.
To follow up on this we need to contact new graduates about the Society. The annual task of including their contact details onto our records is underway… this will enable us to send informative news to them about what we do.
Throughout June - the Society joined in, for the fourth year running, with LFA (London Festival of Architecture) activities. Some members responded to our requests to participate in 'our take' of the LFA general theme of ‘Boundaries’ with a number of interesting works being submitted - from wall and floor installations to projected videos and sound works. These were shown at AND ‘eventSpace’ for the duration of the Festival. The Festival’s branded materials provided an effective attractor to the RCA Society’s exhibition of works.
Although summer is now upon us and escape is on everyone’s mind… Please turn up to our Management Committee meeting (Monday 22 July) to talk about the Society’s future activities for the remaining summer months.
Also we need to plan our AGM - which could be held towards the end of the year (last year’s was held on 23 Sept).

Please let me know if you are around….

Jenni Boswell-Jones
(Chair: RCA Society)