RCA Society

RCA Society MC

06/11/2019 08:49

Due to a number apologies this month’s RCA Society management committee meeting 6-Nov-2019 is postponed….
However, If any committee member would like to meet up another time during in this month then please let others know the time and place and issues to be discussed.
Two issues 'on the agenda are:
1) RCA Society AGM
2) Participation in the London Festival of Architecture 2020
By the way the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) has announced that ‘Power’ will be the theme of the next festival, which takes place across London from 1 -30 June 2020.
ALSO with the end of the year fast approaching if any member(s) would like to hold an RCA Soc ‘festive season’ get together in December please let everyone know.