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28/06/2020 10:00
16/05/2021 20:00
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At the beginning of 2020 we were all watching the gradual spread of the Covid 19 virus across the world. On March 23, following similar actions already taken in France, Germany and many other countries, a national ‘lockdown’ was imposed in the UK. At that time there was no indication as to how long the ‘lockdown’ would last - or how people would manage in an internalised environment.

The RCA Society invited its members and associates to look at the Covid19 pandemic and respond to the unusual situation of national ‘lockdowns’.

During the intervening time we received a number of contributions to our call and developed an ‘online’ environment to show these works. Members have set up 3 “showing spaces” - (UK/London, France/Serres sur Arget, Germany/Ahaus) - which will act as interfaces for contributed works.

Because of unforeseen reasons members have requested that we should continue our responsive exhibition, “Locked”, until 2021. Therefore the call for contributions has been extended.

Members are reminded to send whenever, however and whatever works they would like to contribute to any of the spaces. You can send your images, videos/clips, soundworks, statements… electronically, or if you live close to the three showing venues (UK, France, Germany) you can deliver your works by hand. All contributions, whatever format, will be documented and uploaded to the website for ‘universal’ viewing.

If you are in touch with other RCA Society members or RCA graduates or associates please encourage them to participate in this project. If you have any questions about ‘Locked’ please either log on to the RCA Society’s website for information or get in touch by email, text or phone. Download the first invitation either as an image ("Locked" Jpg) or pdf format (RCAsoc_Invite_Locked2020.pdf).

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