RCA Society

RCA Society LFA Exhibition - The Universe has no Boundary

15/06/2019 13:00
30/06/2019 19:00

Venue: AND eventSpace
Address: 10 Back Church Lane,
London E1 1LX

Works by RCA Society members will identify (local/iconic/familiar) spaces across London’s 32 boroughs (or wherever they live or work) making them recognisable or ‘sensed’ by others by means of temporary boundary markings (chalking, bricking, fencing, taping, lighting, signage…)  at various times of the day throughout June. Documentation of these 'performances' will be displayed at AND eventSpace Gallery, images will be cast 'on line'. Entry Free, Wednesday - Sunday, 13:00:-19:00. RCA Society LFA open discussion - The Universe has no Boundary will be held on 23 June.