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RCA Society AGM 2015

Download - PDF Annual Report 2015 (800K) 

RCA Society AGM 2015 (Annual General Meeting)

16th August 2015

11am (coffee) for 11.30 - 1pm AGM

Venue • AND eventSpace1
10 Back Church Lane
London E1 1LX

All members who have not yet renewed their membership for this year you can now pay subscriptions online through PayPal or pay at the AGM

Dear Members,

You may be interested to put  your name forward for:

‘One Day…'

The RCA Society is offering a unique opportunity to its members to show work in a London Gallery for “one day only” during 2015-16.

This could be an exhibition, an installation, a performance, projection, presentation or talk. The deadline to submit your name is 16 August 2015. Four lucky members* to ‘show’ during the year will be drawn “out of a hat” during the RCA Society AGM (16 August 2015).

*Management committee members are not eligible to participate.

The RCA Society will cover gallery usage and facilities for the “One Day…”. Artists who may require set up / installation time prior to the exhibition event and / or would like to extend their usage beyond ‘one day’ will negotiate extra time and costs with the gallery. Continued extended use would be dependent on availability.


• This offer is open only to paid up RCA Society members only. 

Available to members paying by standing order

Members “group use” acceptable.

Any usage extensions past the ‘one day’ will be at normal gallery rates and the responsibility of the artist(s).

• Possible allocated days are normally Friday, Saturday, Sunday (and first Thursday of the month).

• Time usage of gallery from 9.30am to 9.30pm.

• Artists undertake their own publicity + opening reception (such as juice, drinks and food).

• Artists are responsible for transportation, hanging, installation and arrangement of their work.

• All items are at the owners risk while being on the premises.

• The gallery cannot accept any liabilities concerning the work, event, persons or materials.

The gallery can provide various services like publicity, printed material and hosting on advance payment.

•  All guests are the responsibility of the artist using the space.

New graduates (2015) also have to initiate payments.

The first of the 2015 - 2016 series of “One Day…” exhibitions will start with a show of RCA graduates 2015 “Convergence: Art+Design • Thinking+Doing”. The opening private view will be on Sunday 2 August and continues till our AGM on the 16 August 2015. This provides a good opportunity to see the venue and participate in RCA Society events.

David Sherriff

Chair (RCA Society)