RCA Society

RCA Society AGM 2011-2012 + new MC

This year's AGM took place on Sunday morning 18 September at AND 'EventSpace 1'. Members arrived for coffee at 11am. The well attended meeting got underway with the presentation of the Annual review and the annual accounts. Members discussed a number of issues that were highlighted in the review particularly the relationship between the Society and the Royal College of Art. It was again felt that the Society had an invaluable role to play in connecting fine art and design practitioners who had studied at the RCA along with all members of staff - whether professors or administration. It was generally felt that the past year had been eventful and productive. However, members hoped that in the coming year there would be a serious effort to increase our 'active' membership and find new ways to promote the Society. It was also agreed to offer honorary membership to Keith New who for many years having been an active member is now sadly unwell and unable to continue his close involvement with the Committee or continuing his painting. Sincere thanks to Keith for the many years his jovial nature and jolly songs lightened up committee meetings.
The main business of the committee was to elect a new committee for the coming year and in line with the rules all the 'officers' and 'committee' members stood down. Jeff Sawtell took on the task to open up the elections. As no nominations had been received it was open to members who were present to put forward names.

Committee 'Officers' as follows:
Executive Officers
Chair: Jenni Boswell-Jones
Vice Chair: Jeff Sawtell
Treasurer: Diana Brown
Membership: John Kaine
Events: David Sherriff
Liaison: Ismail Saray
International Liaison: Peter Ayley

Co-opted Members
Terence Symmons
Doreen Wilcockson
James Parkin
Dave Burnett
Saleem Quadri
Lynne Beel

The meeting ended at 1pm - giving us enough time to prepare lunch, have a drink and get ready for an afternoon of "Excessive Optimism".