RCA Society

RCA Soc Event 'Boxed in Time'

Sunday 20th June 2010 • from 2pm
The AGM was followed by a networking event 'Boxed in Time' - an intriguing idea put forward by David Sherriff which gave members an opportunity to either meet another 'old student' for the first time or renew old friendships through the vehicle of a personalised box of either abundant or no 'value'. At around 1,30pm the first of more than 40 people arrived in the gallery space - holding a small anonymous box, each was invited to hand in their box, 'sign the book', have something to eat or drink from a feast of food that suddenly appeared in the middle of the gallery. Gradually the space filled up with a jolly bunch of people and the boxes piled higher in the centre of the gallery. When all the boxes had arrived the intrigue and anonymity built into the event was confronted with a public presentation and dispersal of the boxes around the gallery space. In the true and generous nature of rca graduates each 'maker' had taken the creation of their "box in time" seriously... The event turned into a show of brilliant and intriguing works of art. A second placement of displaying the boxes around the Gallery space removed the boxes away from the makers yet again. The gradual letting go of 'ownership' was sealed with a raffle that allocated a box to another - who could choose to keep or dispose as they wished.

All the boxes found new masters and their fates were sealed. A fun event that has the potential to be thrown away or coveted.

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