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RCA Soc AGM 2010

Sunday 20th June 2010 • from 10.30am
Each year the Society holds its Annual General Meeting. Annual General Meetings have quite a lot of 'business' to deal with - wrapping up the year's accounts, electing a new management committee and reviewing what the Society has done in previous years. Although these are serious issues, in continuing the spirit of the Society the AGM is never too formal. This year the AGM was held in an exciting new venue "AND EventSpace One" and merged into the 'Boxed in Time' event, so there was quite a lot of opportunity for members to socialise.

The AGM was attended by a good number of members, (mostly London based), however we also received quite a lot of apologies from members who live outside of London or abroad. For those of us who arrived for the 'Sunday breakfast' start we took time, over fresh coffee, to read the annual report of our recent activities; from organising social activities, visits to various exhibitions, conferences, picnics and days out, and organising 24 prizes for this year's graduates during the RCA Shows 2010, and, of course, the continuing development of our website which has become central to the way members keep in touch. Our treasurer reported that although our 'paid' membership had not increased it was holding steady, and our accounts were 'healthy' - which, in these difficult 'economic times', was good news. The meeting moved on to the main business of electing the coming year's Management Committee. For details of the new committee see the link below.

With renewed energy members had a long 'conversation' about the report - one of the main issues discussed was our relationship with the RCA, especially about the difficulties caused in recent years by the emergence of 'AlumniRCA'. Questions about the attitude of the new Rector on the RCA Society and if there was potential through him to renew our links with the College. Although it was felt unlikely that the College leadership would admit its mistake of having ignored the existence of the RCA Society and denied the fact that the Society is the actual / original alumni organisation members agreed we should continue to rebuild a relationship with the College whilst maintaining our status as a professional body that is independent of the College, uninhibited in making comment about the RCA or the direction of art, design and education. Members also felt that the Society should continue its supportive and networking role with and for the College's student body by continuing to award prizes such as the "RCA Society + Thames & Hudson Art Book Prize", as well as maintain the 18 months free membership for all new graduates. If members would like detailed information about the Society, its constitution, accounts or activities, please get in touch with the relevant committee member. Members can also send information or news for inclusion in the website's magazine/news section or post comments about issues directly onto the website.

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