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The attraction of seeing works in progress, of ideas developing - is very much what the Interim shows at the RCA are about. Not only a “useful experience” for students to see, before the “Final Graduation Shows”,  how their works “look” in an exhibition environment, to hear response but also to test the calibre of the work and measure it alongside others.

Artists and designers are aware that the so called “creative process” has to challenge and overcome a million hurdles - the initial one is uncertainty. The frame of reference for the direction of the first step we take is both inhibited and excited by interventions. 

Seeing and responding to the values in that which is set out before us, selecting the element which engage our interest to develop further is bound up with numerous considerations from the banal to the extraordinary - never knowing where these thoughts may lead. How many times are ideas scrapped - thrown aside - ideas which could all be developed if exposed to energising exchanges between people?

Have you ever asked why we live the way we do in a world which looks and functions the way it does?

The ‘interim’ in this context is the arena in which ideas are placed - the best ideas are the ones which open up the unknown and lead to new understanding. The tiresome ones are narrowed repetitions of the known - merely sustaining the status quo.  This series of interim shows give space for the RCA students and for “outside” practitioners to collide halfway and accelerate the creative process which could change our world. Your "Comments" will create memories of the future... 

Let's start responding...

  • This month there are three “interim” shows at the RCA Kensington Gore galleries - with works in progress from first year and graduating students:
  • School of Material: Ceramics, Glass, Fashion, GSM7J, Textiles
  • Private View (6.30 - 8pm)  15 January - exhibition runs till 19 January
  • School of Communication: Animation, Information Experience Design, Visual Communication
  • Private View (6.30 - 8pm)  21 January - exhibition runs till 26 January
  • Fine Art - (Painting, Photography Printmaking  Sculpture)
  • Private View (6.30 - 8pm)  29 January - exhibition runs till 2 February.


Interim Viewing

I agree - It is good to see the Interim shows. They are fresh and exciting. I like the works which are raw as they remind me of the value of my "art school experience". A time when we were expected to be figuring things out without the pressure of the demands of the market or constraints of industrial manufacturing. Not that we were "unrealistic" but at least Art School gave us the opportunity to take advantage of that brief time set aside for thinking the unthinkable and realising ideas.


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