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Peter Ayley "Locked"

I have published several short videos in 2020:

A Photographic Notebook - a slideshow about old English buildings (10m58s) https://youtu.be/UmmkFnhGyrQ

Ax bells - a day off in the mountains (2m28s) https://youtu.be/0PNwsolsRdM

Making atelier 591 - a report on preparing my studio for renting (7m55s) https://youtu.be/UmRbOr8Gy9k

Feeding Time - Tits and sparrows (5m59s) https://youtu.be/a5-1EtddsAQ

Garden: Field:Forest - Oswald celebrating spring on Earth Day (17m04s) https://youtu.be/CGi4LmShhdA

The Magic Partition - contemporary dance (4m18s) https://youtu.be/BCBUuFIT5Uc

Scarborough Gable Boards - (11m41s) https://youtu.be/mgCDEIvzS5A 
I did this when I was snowed in for five days - this was much more of a constraint than I have had due to the virus. Generally, the rules in France are the same as elsewhere in Europe and don’t change much for me as I am in the village. It is the people in towns who have had to change their habits.