RCA Society

Open Invitation to Participate in "Locked"

To RCA Soc members, associates
Has the experience of “Corona virus” impacted on you, as a person, or your work, as a creative practitioner, artist, designer or educationalist?
The RCA Society invites you to participate in an exhibition about the Covid19 lockdownDownload the invitation either as an image ("Locked" Jpg) or pdf format (RCAsoc_Invite_Locked2020.pdf).
Your observations and statements about Covid19 will be exhibited in 3 different venues (UK, France and Germany) and shown on-line. Send us your works - visual images, stills, sounds, videos, stories and comments. 
The medium used can be any which is easy for you to send digitally (by email, WeTransfer, DropBox…) or in an envelope or small package (by post). Works can be sent at any point during the duration of the exhibition (July 1 till October 30) and they can be replaced or revised during that time - to reflect processes of understanding.
We are also asking members to host the installation in other venues (outdoor or indoor) in the UK, EU or elsewhere. 
If you are in touch with other rca society members or rca graduates / associates please encourage them to participate in this project. If you have any questions please either log on to the RCA Society’s website for information or contact by email, text or phone.
Jenni Boswell-Jones, Tel: 07950 197 422, jenni.boswell-jones@rcasociety.net
Peter Ayley, peter.ayley@rcasociety.net
germany - AHAUS
Helena Hartmann, helena.hartmann@network.rca.ac.uk
Membership & RCA Liaison
Ismail Saray, Tel: 020 7481 9053, ismail@artzone.org.uk