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Lynne Beel - Facing the Unknown

I was walking along a City street outside to take a journey to a mobile repairs store, when I was suddenly taken along into a headfirst front fall across a pavement .... my immediate response was to rise up and rush to get to the bus stop round the corner .... but it seems that momentarily there was no movement from my body stunned by the fall straight away down frontwards, but then I do manage to struggle upwards, feeling I must get moving before their five o’clock closing time.

.... But then a passerby sees me and says that my face is covered in bruises: calls over to another person in a nearby allotment garden .... they decide that an ambulance should best next be called .... along comes a green and yellow van, lifts me up onto a trolley, the doctor there remarking on the extent of my bruising .... an ambulance assistant jokes “Am I from Black Lives Matter?” Puzzled at this remark I screw up my face.

…. so then after this further inspection I am driven along to St Mary’s hospital A&E department .... time there was spent on getting assessments on my medical condition, later leading further along into the Urgent Care Centre .... with an assurance that the bruises on my face will go down in time .... all around me everyone was shielded in blue and white Covid19 PP.

.... afterwards, a smooth-mannered taxi-driver, hired by the Outpatients department, drove me around into the hospital forecourt where a brilliant scene awaited me to view .... there, the whole of the front entrance to the Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother building had been covered with a huge montage of multi-coloured rosettes in rainbow-tinted shades .... this, too, was an obvious tribute to this NHS Hospital in its efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic over London.

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