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Jane McAdam Freud - PV Invitation "The Intelligent Instinct"

17/01/2020 18:30

The Headstone Manor Museum PV Jane McAdam Freud 6.30pm (exhibition continues till April 26)


Jane McAdam Freud - Invitation

Dear all,

I would be delighted to see you at my opening at The Headstone Manor Museum in Harrow on 17th January at 6.30pm.

Please find the attached invitation and kindly RSVP by 10th January if possible to collections@headstonemanor.org or by calling the museum 0208 736 6384

My musings live in an alternative world where our humanity is at the fore whether we are believers in something or not. Personally I believe in Art. However, Art, like life is subject to interpretation. I often wonder if religion and art are partners on some level where imagination is paramount and suspended belief acceptable.

In our dreams of progress, we seem to go round in circles and although we are not the hunters and gatherers of long ago, we haven’t really advanced either. We do not speak of many things. My latest body of work was focused on taboo, which isTaboo however operates in the way both art and the unconscious operate – not through words, but through the absence of words the unspoken.

Art’s notions readdress the repressed via the image making these notions more digestible- no longer Taboo. For this exhibition, The Intelligent Instinct, I want to make connections between the elements in this trio; Taboo, the Unconscious and Art.

Accessing areas of taboo can free up unconscious repression, illogical and outmoded bias.

This is a good thing for society as repression works through the repetition of that which is repressed, resulting in history taking us in ever repeating circles.

Harrow is the most religiously diverse local authority area in the UK, with a 62% chance that two random people are from different religions, according to Office for National Statistics, October 2006.