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Imperial Lates: Smart Fashion

21/02/2019 18:00

Date and Time

  Thu, 21 February 2019

18:00 – 21:00 GMT


Imperial College London
College Main Entrance
Exhibition Road
London SW7 2AZ

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During London Fashion week, join us for (cat)walk through what you might be wearing in the future with a chance to try on the latest wearable technology, new textile materials and intelligent clothing. What will you be wearing in the future? How might innovation and new materials affect our wardrobes in the coming decades? Explore how smart clothing and new wearable tech could keep us healthy and safe, as well as on trend With wearable workshops, AI fashion consultants and technology trends in trendy technology, dress smart for an evening of smart dress.

Between 6-9pm to:
Meet the designer who has re-engineered the classical sari to allow free movement and avoid hip problems in later life

Watch a Tattoo artist create smart ink tats capable of monitoring health by changing colour, before designing your own transferable designs to show off to your friends

  • Move around the International space station with the latest in wearable AR, VR and eye tracking technology from the Hamlyn Centre and FAIR Space hub that could be used to train astronauts or those working in extreme environments

  • Create your own hypercolour inspired wearables with engineers looking to harness our body heat to power future wearable technology

  • See the future of sports science clothing in action with sweat analysing, fatigue monitoring arm and headbands providing real time data

  • Hear about new trials using wearable devices and changes in speech to spot the recurrence of brain tumours.

  • Debate how technology, new materials, and our changing culture and society could influence what we wear in the coming decades, with our panel of material scientists and fashion designers

  • Catch the eye of a stranger with Ripple – a wearable tech specifically designed to get our head out of our phones and encourage the exchange of flirtatious glances

  • Chat to the engineers behind children's clothes that grow with their wearer and see their outfits for little'ns in actions

About Imperial Lates

Imperial Lates celebrate the latest in science and engineering at Imperial College London - bringing the public together with world leading minds in their respective fields, who not only love what they do, but also love sharing their work with new audiences.

A perfect evening's entertainment for adults of all ages and backgrounds. Anyone with a curious mind is welcome to get hands on with our research, brought to life through live demonstrations, creative workshops, interactive experiments and inspiring talks. Pick the brains of the people behind the ideas, innovations and breakthroughs to discover how their work could impact our society and change our futures.

Throw in a bar and some of the world's most extraordinary and pioneering scientists and engineers and you have the recipe for a free, fun and engaging night out in the heart of London.

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