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Helena Hartmann Roisin Monaghan, Colin Lindsay 7 Hours

“7 hours…” organised by Helena Hartmann took place on a bright but cold day in February. The performance event was part of a collaborative series between AND eventSpace and the RCA Society which invited submissions from artists to use the gallery space for “One Day…”. Last summer, Helena a recent graduate of the College, performed an extraordinary work in the gallery and projected mesmerising and intriguing video works which delve into complex and difficult human experience. She confronts the demons head on….
On this occasion she collaborated with Roisin Monaghan and Colin Lindsay - each bringing their individually challenging contributions to the 7 hour long feast.
Colin’s discomfort as a tightly bound ‘fragile’ form was caught in limbo as a chrysalis awaiting transformation. Roisin entered the triptych as an angry interventionist playing one performer against the other - travelling between empathy and antipathy. Helena bound together the expressions of seven emotions through locating her body and voice within the space.
An impressive marathon 7 hour performance - extraordinary.
Link see: http://www.and.org.uk/eventspace/2016-events/helena-hartmann-7-hours.pdf