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Harriet Aston 'Dancing Mania'

Harriet Aston’s installation at AND eventSpace transformed a white cool gallery environment into a forest of mysterious soft forms.... This army of self supporting works made of rough fibrous paper, that was destined to wrap bed mattresses, stood deceptively motionless for several days - as if aware of their place in the scheme of things but enjoying their moment of celebrity - until collapsing under their own weight and their special ability to absorb surplus humidity. The installation of sculptures experimented with material which had little 'material value' but which readily responded to the environment and itself, thereby exorcising any control from their 'maker'. This anarchic forest of forms constantly changed, both physically and visually in the shifting light of the summer sun which picked out soft colours impregnating their surface.... A charming and surprising installation.

Harriet Aston studied at the Royal College of Art - Sculpture (1975 - 78)

For more information and the artists statement see: and.org.uk eventspace listings 'Dancing Mania' by Harriet Aston - AND " eventSpace1" - 7 - 12 July 2016