RCA Society

FIX FIX FIX at Gallery SO - 92 Brick Lane

An exhibition of objects that have been “fixed”  from different broken objects which have been “perfectly” repaired or have incorporated the fault line into its reconstitution. The exhibition, curated by Glenn Adamson, a tutor at the RCA and head of research at the Victoria & Albert museum,  brings together a vast scale of “fixed” items - from small coins to grand pianos. Each expressing conflicting approaches from the conservationists illusory skills of purposeful perfection to those of artist / craftspeople’s enjoyment of juxtoposition or intentional imperfection. Artists participating in FIX FIX FIX  are Arlington Conservation, David Clarke, Leo Fitzmaurice, Fixperts, Alice Kettle, Laura McGrath, Jasleen Kaur, Park View Motors, Gord Peteran, Steven Probert, Roland Roos, Bernhard Schobinger, Hans Stofer, Lisa Walker, Max Warren.


Gallery SO - 92 Brick Lane