RCA Society

Earth 1970-2020

The exhibition ‘Earth1970-2020’ curated by AND eventSpace, is showing work from a number of artists who are associated with the Royal College of Art.  ‘Earth’ is about the environment, ecology, and the economy, whether natural or man-made.  It has a connection with ‘World Earth Day’ but this year it has been impacted by contemporary events which further emphasise how fragile life is on earth, how fragile our planet is and human kind’s relationship with it. 

Although the ‘Earth’ project was connected to ‘World Earth Day’ (which was established 50 years ago) the evolving Covid19 pandemic demands a different approach. 

The original theme of  ‘Earth-1970-2020’ has been violently changed by a virus although the more familiar ecological issues still surround us. ‘EarthDay’ originated from under the shadow of the Vietnam War, (Catch 22, [J Heller, novel published ’51 – Film ’70]), the feminist movement, de colonialisation of Africa, which saw an increase in protest and civil disobedience.

In 2020 ‘Earth’ is under an extended attack - and it is difficult to know how to react or what to say. But there is a lot to say and still a lot to change…. As this event continues our understanding of the planet we, and other life forms inhabit, will alter.

The exhibition will evolve with new works added and different artists joining the list below whilst earth continues its revolution. Here are some of the participating artists. Adem Genc, Alison Wilding, Annie Morrad, Barbara and Zafer Baran, Carolyne Kardia, Dee Searle, Graham Budgett, Helena Hartmann, Ismail Saray, Jane Mulfinger, Jenni Boswell-Jones, Joan Key, John Kaine, Kate Meynell, Linda Aloysius, Peter Ayley, Peter Kennard, Phil Maxwell and Hazuan Hashim, Roderick Coyne, Ron Haselden, Silke Helmerdig, Simon Read, Souheil Sleiman, Temel Hamza Bahadir, Tülay Çellek