RCA Society

Dungeness Old LightHouse "Immaterial Time"

RSVP • David Sherriff

m: 07584 576 395 • e: david.sherriff@rcasociety.net
1st experimental event will take place in London at AND eventSpace 
Sunday 14 July 2013 • 7pm onwards
10 BackChurch Lane, London E1 1LX
t: 020 7481 9053 • w: www.and.org.uk

an invitation to touch another dimension

The RCA Society is holding an experimental investigation and drumming up interest for a one day event located in the domed basement and garden of the old Dungeness Lighthouse, Kent. This venue is a stones throw away from the nuclear power station, RSPB nature reserve, miniature railway, fishing boats, ramshackle cottages and Derek Jarman’s garden which line the coast. 

The containing building for the event is the base of the old lighthouse but don't let this association steer your thoughts. Dungeness is a highly-charged special place which would excite a wide range of creative performers, thinkers and practitioners...
The first experiment to build up the “Dungeness Event” will take place in London at the AND eventSpace on Sunday 14 July 2013 - 7pm onwards
The old Dungeness Lighthouse venue is a semi-underground circular brick dome space app10 metre diameter, with unique accoustics and time based connotations that stir interventionist attitudes. The space is such it can send you out of this world, the longer you are in it the further you extend. To enhance this sense we are adding chilled ground hugging fog to make the floor de-materialise. This will set the context of the artistic laboratory.
To get your thoughts charged we would like you to join us for the very first introductory experimental event  at AND eventSpace.
The organisational fabric of this event is another by the Royal College of Art Society. As usual it is open to those who can fit within the spirit that anything goes.