RCA Society

David Hall (1937 - 2014)

The RCA Society was sad to hear that one of our members, the world renowned and celebrated Video artist, David Hall, died in October.(1937 - 2014).

Initially a sculptor, David Hall pioneered Video art producing a number of seminal works for gallery exhibition and TV. He taught in a number of Art schools including the RCA and founded the Time Based Media Course at Maidstone College of Art.

During 2012, members of the RCA Society were privileged to visit his impressive exhibition “End Piece”,  shown at the P3 Galleries - London. the exhibition included a number of his historic video works as well as an overpowering installation of TV sets which coincided with the national ‘switchover’ from Analogue to Digital broadcasting.

He was also a regular contributor to AND Journal of Art & Art Education (see: http://www.and.org.uk/journal/)

See his following articles at http://www.and.org.uk/journal/people/david_hall.php “In Conversation - Development or Demise of Time Based Media?” AND Journal of Art & Art Education  No: 11/12 1987 and “Before the Concrete Sets” AND Journal of Art & Art Education  No: 26 1991


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