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convergence • Art+Design • Thinking+Doing

an exhibition by RCA graduates

2 - 16August 2015

Opening times • Monday to Saturday 12pm - 7pm  (or by appointment)

Private View 2nd August Sunday 2pm - 8pm

“Convergence” • is a unique exhibition of exceptional works by challenging artists and designers - Eleanor Banwell, Girolama Marri , Helena Harman, Paul Gong, Sam Conran, Yucheng Ji. 

The five recent graduates of the Royal College of Art, have located works which take on issues from mining organic waste, nightmare scenarios of genetic modification of animals, the harvesting of sounds from celestial events, conversations of the unspeakable, onomatopoesis and the embedding of music and emotions, meditation and organised chaos, into the gallery and surrounding spaces... 

The exhibition, curated by AND is in collaboration with the Royal College of Art Society. It is  showing at AND ‘eventSpace1’  in London’s Whitechapel,


Eleanor Banwell


 "Why Nature says we should be burning the sacred cows of cradle-to-cradle and how we can."

Metablaze is a complete redesign of the circular economy guided by natural laws. It proposes incineration as a solution not for how to deal with waste, but as a way to collect precious resources that could not otherwise be recovered. Considered as part of the whole system, incineration becomes a method for recycling resources rather than how we dispose of what we can't. Once we recognize and learn to exploit the value locked in ash, the way is opened for a completely new approach to sustainable design that says 'yes' to high-tech materials, like composites and adhesives, and reconsiders the potential positive impact of previously taboo techniques, like designed obsolescence.


Girolamo Marri

‘The Corps of Clutter’

During a live event, lasting between 20 and 30 minutes, I will conduct a meditation class with 8 participants. It will start as a regular class, but its pace will slowly grow to become frenetic, and the participants will have to follow various instructions and finally pile all of the stuff scattered outside the meditation circle, into the centre of the room, as well as place their sitting cushions and carpets on top of it. By the end of the class there will be an object in the centre of the room and nothing else around it.

The object is displayed for the duration of the show, along with the video documentation of the performance presented on a monitor on the wooden planks at the entrance of the room. 


Helena Hartmann

‘Dembe’ and ‘Mistaken’ series

 Video Installation

"...to shake, rattle and roll the senses of an audience and whirl the general outlook on life! To bring chaos into the system, to change old moral values and to be aware of the double standards of our society!"

A Creature is inhabiting ‘Pernilla Star’

Performance: 30 mins

It’s about improvisation, onomatopoesis and combining parts of existing opera songs and trying to embed them in the exhibition.

What kind of music and emotions can I educe from the space, surrounding and the atmosphere?

It’s an experiment.

Weird, fancy and unsettling!


Paul Gong

‘The Cow of Tomorrow’

The installation describes an extreme future use of animals taking notions of utility and domestication to a logical end.


Sam Conran

‘Kabbalistic Synthesizer’

These sounds were recorded using a Kabbalistic Synthesizer (on the wall behind you). This is a machine that harvests sounds from celestial events, the Earth’s magnetic field, cosmic rays and Jovian noise storms. 


William Darrell

‘Aurora Flower in the Turbodrome’

My show comprises of a film in which I become a wind turbine and generate lightning. This is displayed in an installation creating an environment that blows you away, or at least provides a pleasant breeze.


Yucheng Ji

‘The Distant Places No 3’

I try to have a conversation with viewer with this work.

First I collected elements of etchings from seventeenth-century and recombine them to make fake Middle Ages scenes.

Then I put an ordinary object from my daily life into this scene, enlarging its scale to make a kind of ridiculous and dramatic situation.

So you can see how meanings and values of these objects change in different time and space.