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A Call for Submissions to LFA

RCA Society invites its members (RCA graduates) to participate in ‘The Universe has no Boundary’

Works submitted by RCA Society members identify (local/iconic/familiar) spaces across London’s 32 boroughs (or wherever they live or work) making them recognisable or ‘sensed’ by others by means of temporary boundary markings (chalking, bricking, fencing, taping, lighting, signage…) at various times of the day throughout June. Documentation of these 'performances' will be displayed at AND eventSpace Gallery, images will be cast 'on line'. Entry Free, Wednesday - Sunday, 13:00:-19:00. An open discussion will be held on 23 June.
Admission: FREE

At various times of the day throughout June, participants will identify or determine spaces (local/iconic/familiar/random) and make them recognisable or ‘sensed’ by others through a means of temporary boundary markings (fencing, bricking, taping, lighting, chalking, signage…). The documented ‘boundaries’ and delineated ‘performances’ of bound spaces are transmitted to a single gathering point, EventSpace gallery, in London’s East End. They will be collated, exhibited, projected, played, for two weeks in June, and coincide with discussion events*. All the digital materials will be webcast on our website and social media during the London Festival of Architecture 2019.
* Please see RCA Society website for information updates
Also see the full theme descriptions
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Responses: http://www.rcasociety.net/content/lfa-2019-rca-society-invites-you-participate

Also see RCA Society's contributions to LFA in previous years (2015 - 2018)









Let's go to the only places one can nearly forget boundaries is in the middle of the ocean or a desert. Otherwise, we are enmeshed in heaps of multi-layered boundaries, hence lot's of work for the boundary surveyors and lawyers and lots of work for the boundary intellectuals but not much left for the creatives.


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