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Best wishes for the New Year 2020

Best wishes and good luck to you all for the New Year - 2020

With the annual ritual of ‘Seasons Greeting’ and wishing everyone a “Happy and Prosperous New Year’ 2020 throws up an unprecedented challenge. 

Whether we agree or not with decisions taken about the UK’s relationship with the EU this year promises (or threatens) to be unusual given the social, legal and political implications on the UK by ‘quitting the EU’. As we are standing on the edge of socio-political changes which will impact on our cultural, creative and educational sectors we are asking RCA Society members to join an open discussion about how quitting the EU affects creative practitioners, what should a renegotiated trade deal include, what environmental regulations should be adhered to… It’s important that professional insights should be aired… join the open discussion by adding your comments to this section.

Image: Peter Ayley 'Best wishes for the New Year 2020'