RCA Society

Artgig - an experimental session

We propose there is a creative void between static art and continuous art. The subject area is the transition between static works (painting, sculpture,..) and continuous works (performance, dance, film, music,..)

A group of architects, performance artists, painters, sculptors, designers - approached the proposition put forward by ArtGIG in their very individual ways. Most expressions were ‘performance based’ interventions of repeating statement, a physical action or projections of a repetitive image. Each movement a variant of itself.

The intention of the proposition was relinquished to the participant. The event provided a window for a few hours to try out some thoughts without the pressure of expectation. The presented actions all contained memorable repetitions and although none sought to freeze the ‘marque’… or address the transition, the value of the session came from the creative interactions between the different disciplines

Participants • Evi.Kalogiropoulou, Tansy Spinks, James Parkin, Roy Efrat, Luka Vardiashvili, David Sherriff, Ismail Saray, Lucy Loader, Lynne Beel

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